Out and About

Here are some photos of some of our outdoor adventures

3 children walking in leaves
Fun in the forest
Time to play
2 small children crawling through a large blue
Let's explore!
2 children climbing a fence on a bridge
Fun climbing
2 children approaching a forest
To the trees!
small child standing in puddle with yellow wellies on
Rainy days don't put us off

butterfly Getting outdoors as much as possible is so important for both myself and my little ones.

My Hygge accreditation work just reinforces how nature is good for mental wellbeing as well as necessary exercise. I find that my little ones are so much more engaged outdoors and the learning that takes place just flows and never feels 'staged'. The children I care for are interested in nature and I really hope that this love will continue throughout their lives - and foster an understanding that it is our responsibility to care for our environment.

I have purchased a 7-seater car which enables us to go out regardless of how many children I have. I have several different types / sizes of buggy to cater for non-walkers, or those just starting. I also use a baby carrier for little ones. I ask parents to ensure they have outdoor clothes for their children but I do keep a small stock of items here so that if someone forgets, it doesn't hamper our plans. Often children leave a set of wellies here as well as a pair for home.

I know from my experience as a primary school teacher that children will be inside a classroom for so many years of their lives, so it's crucial to develop that love of the outdoors while they are young.

I make the most of the many places in our local environment and ensure car journeys are limited to 20 minutes.

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