Day to Day Communication

Being an effective communicator is something that is a strength of mine which I developed in my years as a primary school teacher.

For my childminding business, I use a package called Baby's Days, which is completely secure. I subscribe to this and it means that I can be paper-free in all that I do. There is no cost to the parent for this service, and I get positive feedback from everyone about it. I find that parents who are returning to work for the first time find it invaluable to find out what their child is doing 'live' - even when they've had a nappy change!
From initial child set up, I use Baby's Days for all my daily communication with parents. Contracts, invoices, registers, daily notes, medical issues, progress information, reports, and questionnaires are all completed through this system. Each day, for every child, I record their arrival and departure time, their sleep times, their toilet times (and information about bottles for babies). After lunch, I write a daily note to each parent briefly outlining what we've done that morning along with a record of what each child has eaten.
I use Baby's Days to record my observations of the children's developmental progress and next steps. This communication ensures that children are closely tracked and parents are aware of their development against broad age-bands. Next steps are worked on in my setting and at home. I use this information to generate reports - the statutory 2-yr progress check and any other reports that are considered worthwhile (i.e. a termly report, a report to share with nursery).

Often, it's not practical to speak at length at the door at the start or end of the day, so my parents and I will use WhatsApp for any brief communication during the day, or email for longer information sharing. I ensure I send at least one photo of each child to their parents via WhatsApp each day. I also send out some ideas for homework - this is usually just a few ideas of activities that the whole family can get outside and do.

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