About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a very happily married mum, living in Staines-upon-Thames.

When I was 4 years old, I chose my career and went on to enjoy 24 years as a successful primary school teacher. I felt, though, with all the added pressures that teaching brings and the impact it had on my family life, that something needed to change. I also felt that the beliefs I had about the way children learn best just weren't possible in a school setting. There were limited opportunities for children to be outside and explore nature, to explore their curiosity and own interests, and to discover and learn at their own pace. I explored different career paths until my son, who was 9 at the time, said I'd make a great childminder. He had a brilliant childminder when we moved to this area, plus I already had ideas about the stresses of finding quality childcare and juggling work. So here I am!

I started childminding in 2017 and am so pleased I made the change. I've been able to successfully build on the parts of teaching that were my strengths and that I loved, as well as develop my own business - which was something completely new for me.

My husband, Mark, fully supports what I do and has noticed a much happier me!

We are a Christian family and are really active in our local church (Staines Congregational Church). I am Church Secretary there and Mark and I lead our own Home Group - a weekly Bible study group. My Christian values support me through my role each and every day.

My son is now at secondary school. I also have two step-children of a similar age to my son.

We have two whippets who get on better with children than other dogs! They have a lovely temperament but we do ensure there is segregation between them and the children. They mix with the children occasionally but under full supervision and only if parents and children are happy with this. We also have a leopard gecko.

Our home is a happy and loving home, and when children join my setting, I hope they get a sense of being part of our family.

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